The Nuit du Hack 16 will host many challenges, including:

* a public jeopardy-style wargame
* Bug bounty
* Social Engeenering Challenge at ndh16 !
" An Escape Game !
* a private « Capture The Flag » powered by Sysdream

And more !



This year again, there will be a public wargame in parallel with the ctf. You will be able to fight against other visitors by solving challenge during the night.

We also recommend that you think provide switch, cable networks and eventually power strip in order to enjoy the game.

We are looking sore some more challenges for this new edition of the Nuit du Hack. If you're interested in, please send us your submissions at to the attention of @majinboo.

Please include the following elements : The name of the challenge, its difficulty (from 1 to 10) and a writeup to solve it.

Bug Bounty

Bug bounty programs will be reveal during the opening of the Nuit du Hack. This programs will be exclusively saved to the Nuit du Hack participants and a wallet of 5000 euros will be assign to the programs in order to pay bug hunters.

Bug Bounty rules:

Social Engineering challenge at NDH16 !

Unfortunately, this challenge is only available for frenchies people.

Escape Game at the NDH16 !

An Escape Game will be set up by the ACF.